The Duke of Edinburgh's Award (DofE)

Chase Training Solutions, recognised as one of the leading The Duke of Edinburgh's Award expedition providers in the UK, for delivering high quality, memorable and best value expeditions, organises and supports a number of ‘open’ Bronze, Silver and Gold DofE foot expeditions throughout the year and offers bespoke DofE Expedition section packages for schools and organisations.

Why Choose Chase for your Expeditions?

We have over 40 years experience of organising and running high quality, affordable DofE expeditions within the voluntary and statutory sectors at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels, both in the UK and overseas, successfully supporting tens of 1000’s of young people through their expedition training, practice and qualifying expeditions.

Our founder and director, who started his current 48 years long DofE journey in 1974, completed Bronze, Silver and Gold awards, before continuing his involvement by organising, supervising and assessing expeditions, as well as running DofE groups. He also worked over ten years full-time for the DofE as the Expedition Field Officer, assisting with the development of the Expedition section, as well as sitting on the DofE’s National Expedition Advisory Panel; therefore, we have a ‘second-to-none’ knowledge and understanding of the Expedition section within the UK and its delivery in a range of settings, including informal and formal education.

We have an outstanding reputation for safety, ‘best practice’ and keeping within the values, ethos and spirit of the DofE, with no compromises!

Our reputation for working with young people with additional needs is well-known and we are regularly asked by DofE Regional Offices to deliver the Expedition section to special needs schools and colleges that offer the DofE programme to their students.

We are able to offer memorable, challenging and valuable experiences, which meet both the aim and benefits of the Expedition section and the wider DofE programme, and are open to all DofE participants from any background, DofE centre, group or organisation.

All our instructors are handpicked, not just because of the qualifications they hold, but also because of their knowledge of, and safe practice within the DofE Expedition section and the wider DofE programme; their enthusiasm and motivation; their commitment to ‘best practice’; and their ability to empower, inspire, encourage and engage with young people at all levels. Outdoor qualifications alone, i.e. proven technical competency, do not develop these ‘soft’ skills, or the leadership ability and personal qualities required to positively deliver the DofE Expedition section to young people. This is why, when selecting staff to work for us, we look beyond their outdoor qualifications.

As a leading provider of DofE expeditions in the UK, we have an excellent reputation among DofE Licenced Organisations, National Operating Authorities, Directly Licenced Centres, independent schools, local councils and organisations, for delivering the Expedition section to the highest standards and who regularly use us as their ‘preferred provider’ as well as recommending and booking participants onto our popular ‘open’ expeditions.