Testimonials from our BEL/LEL3 courses

Just some of the comments we’ve received following our BEL/LEL3 courses!

“Sorry we missed you yesterday Dave. Thank you so much (I think after yesterday 🤪😂😂) for such great training. Absolutely brilliant. Yesterday was one of the hardest days I have done walking but Matt and Julian were superb and got us through it along with our incredible team spirit, our experience and your teaching. I have thoroughly enjoyed your course and am so proud to have passed. Thank you. Your advice and teaching have really helped and inspired me for a future of adventures. Hopefully not in too many more storms!! Best wishes and thank you”

“Hi Dave/Ben. Thanks for all your help this week, we seemed to fit in so much but it was fabulous fun and whizzed by. As a team you have been calm and supportive throughout with a good dose of humour…impressive when given a bunch of teachers to work with! It has been a pleasure working with you and I hope to send more of our teachers your way in the future. Hope you have a restful weekend”

“Hi Dave – just a quick email to say many thanks for the BEL course last week; I was a bit worried it would be rather ‘dry’; but I was more than pleased to find the reality was otherwise. In 22 years of education/teaching, I can honestly say this was the best course I’ve yet been on. Owen was superb – told us what we legally and educationally needed to know, then backed that up with pragmatic, common-sense info; and his knowledge of his subject was beyond impressive. I think he could tell me black is white and I’d believe him. The density of knowledge passed on in the 5 days was, in retrospect, staggering. Even more staggering, as I think about it, most if not all of it seems to have stuck in my late-middle-age (and therefore usually increasingly forgetful) brain. Can’t thank/praise Owen enough. I’m looking forward to getting back to school next week so I can bang on in DofE sessions about everything covered on the course. I hope the other course attendees enjoyed it half as much as I did. Regards – and thanks again.”

“The course tutors were very knowledgeable on the topics. They made it interactive which allowed for ease of learning. They were just great!!”

“Great that we added in the NNAS. Really good that was applied to St John Ambulance. Great trainers, felt like one big team with delegates and trainers.”

“I learnt compass skills which I know will be useful when I teach my DofE groups.”

“Great to deal with when arranging. Non biased response and quick response. Very flexible to needs of the group with location, experience, etc.”

“Information for venues and equipment was provide well in advance of all events. Instructions were clear and sessions ran to schedule.”

“Pacing was useful and recapping tick features as I had not done this in a long time.”

“I am feeling more confident in setting and following bearings; night navigation and have a greater understanding of different leadership roles.”

“It’s been an amazing week. Shame it had to come to an end. Learnt so much, navigation, compass techniques, different types of camping stoves and fuel, how to pack a rucksack and route cards.”

“Excellent course covering all main aspects of teaching DofE expeditions. Well informed and great resources.”

“Excellent all round knowledge given out and ample time to put it into practice, i.e. navigation skills and Trangia set up.”

“Navigation, use of compass and putting these skills to the test was very useful and gave me more confidence with teaching it.”

“Sooooo much fun, very enjoyable and Dave, Ben and Owen are incredibly friendly, approachable and, most importantly, knowledgeable. Thanks guys, you won’t be seeing the last of me!! 😊

“The course was really good thanks ? I am feeling like a navigation expert! I don’t know what the old course entailed but the new LEL3 is really good ? I have come away with a Scheme of Work for DofE lessons and a few exemplar lessons/route cards, alongside other things. The training was great and the instructors were really really friendly and easy to get along with. I can’t really say anything negative!”

“Learnt fun and interesting ways to put across information to young people, e.g. cones 4×4 grid direction exercise.”

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for all of the hard work and effort put into providing us with the necessary training and expertise the pass the Sports Leaders BEL Course. Although the course involved a great deal of time and effort to complete we could not have asked for a more professional, friendly and knowledgeable training provider to prepare us to complete the assessment weekend.”

“Really good course. Very informative with wonderful instructors who have given me confidence to lead DofE expeditions.”

“Thank you so much. I have loved this course and feel your approachable and knowledgeable experience has prepared me so well to be able to lead and deliver this information myself and use this with my students. It’s been an honour to learn from the best…cheers Dave and Owen. Many thanks again.”

“Really enjoyed myself on the course and improved my skills and received lots of valuable information.”

“I feel confident to go back to school and put my new knowledge straight into practice.”

“A fun course that encouraged group members to share there ideas and experiences in an informal setting, as well as using the traditional practical activities to develop skills. Group members developed leadership qualities throughout the course and gained in confidence. Thanks for the hard work in organising the course.”

“A super course! Lots of detail, with all of the elements of the LEL3 learning outcomes covered and explained and put into practice.”

“Hi Dave. Just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and the Assessor Team 🙂 I really enjoyed the BEL assessment weekend, and had such a great time getting to know Julian, Nigel and Steve. They really inspired me and I did learn a few different things from each one of them over the 2 day period. Once again a massive thank you Dave, 10 out of 10 for the weekend. Brilliant team leaders and the two groups 🙂 I would not have wanted to change a thing about the course and how it was structured. Really well done to you Dave.”

“Really enjoyable and useful, thank you! Such an approachable team, so you feel more comfortable asking questions and advice.”

“Hi Dave – thanks to you and Ben for the training to help me through this great and testing assessment weekend – there was no evaluation form today but I’d like to say Julian was outstanding – in his knowledge and insight, his guidance and expertise was a pleasure to experience and I hope I have made a valuable contact for future as a reference point as well as further educator – hope you are well – I now need sleep.”

“Many thanks for a fantastic course. Will be in contact again.”

“A superb course which really prepared us to improve ourselves, but also gave us an awareness of how our students really feel. Looking forward to future courses which build on this and hope to keep in touch with you. Thank you to all our trainers and hope to see you soon on future DofE adventures!”

“Dear Dave. A huge thank you to you from the Chipping Norton Deanery! We are delighted to have finally finished our training and qualified, because at times we thought we simply would not have the time to do it. However, we are also rather sad that our walks have now ended ? we will miss them greatly. Thank you so much for your patience with my mad emails, your good humour and your flexibility. The way you adapted the course to suit our rather eccentric needs was really helpful, in fact, I am not sure we would have managed to do it any other way! I will keep you informed about the progress of the trails.”

“Having heard about our local OA courses from past BEL students in Herts, I feel that we got more time to reflect on our learning through the staggered nature of the course. We were also taught by real enthusiasts (Dave and Steve, plus other helpers, who were always great) who worked well together and demonstrated the real reason we work with young people. I found it really refreshing? and inspiring to be surrounded by all our trainers throughout the course (inc. the Outdoor First Aid course).”

Dear Dave. A few words of thanks from me to you regarding your BEL training and assessment. I’ve really enjoyed it and gained a huge amount; despite having already led 4 Silver and a Gold expedition, it will really helped me up my game and deliver a much more effective and engaging programme. Again, as per the time before at Cannock Chase, the instructional team were great. Steve and Chris went beyond simply professionally delivering an event – it was clear that they genuinely enjoyed being there and were hugely enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge, wanting the candidates move on. Thanks again for being so flexible with changing the assessment date. You were very reasonable! All the best & thanks for a quality learning experience!”

“This was a well run course which provided a great deal of essential information and practical instruction with a good supply of handouts to enable you to go over the various teaching elements at a later date.”

“I have had my certificate come through for the Basic Expedition Leadership course, and now that is complete, I would like to express my thanks to you for the effort you put into that course and the way, as students, we were treated, adult like (that may seem obvious, but that is not always the case with some people who instruct, for some there is a power buzz).”

“Once again Dave, many thanks, I really enjoyed it and feel some sense of achievement.”

“To say that I enjoyed the course is an understatement. I would like to express my thanks to the course staff for an enjoyable course and have walked away from the course having learnt many outcomes (too many to list). The training was delivered in a relaxed adult style.”

“I have personally experienced this course and completed my BELA (Basic Expedition Leadership as it is now). I cannot recommend this qualification or delivery agent more heartily. It was refreshing to learn from somebody who not only did this for a living, but also has a passion for best practice. As an outdoor professional, I can now understand the importance of the effective interpersonal skills Dave and his team instil into the course, alongside quality outdoor content. It is also important to mention that over the last few years when commenting to colleagues the relevance of the course, it would seem Dave’s unique delivery style and attention to detail has equipped me with far more than a certificate.”

“It was a well rounded informative course at times very humorous with a good group of people with similar ambitions. It provided a good learning environment for all levels and ages and coached by knowledgeable course leaders. Thank you.”

“I just wanted to say thank you for running an excellent course.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, particularly the assessment weekend, and have learnt so much. Please can you pass on my thanks to the assessors Paul and Matt too, as they were very helpful throughout the weekend.”

“Our first expedition for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award at my place of work is in 5 weeks so really looking forward to this and putting all of my new skills to good use.”

“I had all the information I needed in the pre-course information and instructions. I felt that the course was really well organised. The regular emails and reminders of future sessions were also really useful.”

“The main thing I have taken from this is about Navigation and map reading. Prior to starting this course my navigation skills were not great. However this course has really helped me and I am much more confident in my navigation.”

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help and support, it was really hard not to burst into tears yesterday when Owen told us we had all passed. I think completing the assessment weekend was one of the hardest things I have done, as a team we really did gel and supported each other along the way when the conditions underfoot were not ideal. As you know I was very apprehensive at the start of the course but I am now feeling far more confident and am looking forward to getting out with the students in the spring.”

“This was an intense course but was absolutely fantastic in achieving what it set out to. Both Dave and Owen were superb instructors and made the week enjoyable.”

“All the information given was accurate and I felt like I was well looked after. The location was brilliant and the accommodation was warm, comfortable and fit for purpose.”

“The navigation aspects of the course were taught very well, especially additional skills such as pacing and route cards. I am now confident in sharing my knowledge with a group and what to teach a group, as I know a lot more.”

“Both Dave and Owen have led an excellent course. I have thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the course and feel I have learnt a great deal whilst I have been here. I will definitely recommend this course to any other colleagues and friends who are looking to become qualified. Many thanks.”

“I enjoyed the course. Dave and Owen were excellent in equal measure. A relaxed, informative and non-judgemental teaching environment which helped inspire confidence – thank you.”

“Brilliant leadership and open friendly manner Dave. Yourself and those I have worked with have been fabulous company and I feel very proficient and confident in using my skills in the outdoors.”

“The course leader and facilitators were very friendly, approachable, adaptable, with a great sense of humour and professionalism. Keep it up guys!!”

“Excellent course and very enjoyable. All members of staff delivering the course were able to answer questions in detail and give clear instructions to improve. Enjoyed the week!”

“I just wanted to write and say a big thank you for running such a friendly and informative BEL course this summer. I personally learnt a huge amount and hope that it will all be put to great use inspiring another generation to get out on those hills and seize the day.”

“I learnt a great deal and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I was really pleased to find that we got NNAS and ESTC bundled into BEL, great value for money! There was precious little ‘down-time’ over the week, meaning our days were fully used. The handouts and pointers to the other resources were valuable. Even after having run 2 Gold and 3 Silver paddling DofE expeditions, I learnt a massive amount and now have the knowledge to help me run this coming year’s events to a significantly higher standard of professionalism.”

“Thank you for your time, expertise and support throughout the course.”

“Thank you so much. This has been a fantastic experience and I have learnt a lot. Really, really enjoyed it.”

“Fantastic. Provided me with a range of skills and knowledge. Thank you both, you are fab!”

“Hi Dave. I would just like to thank you and Ben for a great week, learnt a lot had great fun and met some lovely people. Could you also pass on my thanks to Owen.”

“Hi Dave. Thanks for a fab week again!! Provided lots of information and support! You and Ben have the patience of Saints ha! Thanks again.”

“Hi Dave and Ben. Thanks ever so much for the course last week. I had a great time and learned so much. I am feeling much more confident now to be able to lead a group and to teach the skills we learned in the course last week too. I am already talking to the DofE Coordinator here to work out the options for me to teach some of our groups, but wondered if you could help me out too? I am more than happy to come along to Blackwell in the coming months if you need an extra pair of hands. Perhaps you (Ben) can get back to me with any dates you can offer me? I am booked in for the First Aid course in March, along with my partner, and am awaiting dates of the DofE Assessors course as and when you have finalised them. I am aiming to take my assessment in July, so I have plenty of time to collate my evidence and logged walks etc. Thanks again for a great course!”

“A very well run course with a great level of knowledge. I have learnt lots of skills. Thank you.”

“3 great training supervisors who know what they are talking about, and real about the expectations. Very relaxed and enthusiastic about the assessment.”

“Excellent course, well delivered and organised.”

“I learned some very engaging ways that can be used to make sessions much more engaging. These will be used both with school DofE and in normal Scout sessions.”

“A very enjoyable and informative course.”

“I learned many compass skills, having only a basic awareness before. Gained a much better understanding of the role of a DofE Expedition Supervisor, and a detailed appreciation of the route card and its practical application.”

“I felt that the LEL3 learning outcomes were met by the training, which was done in a fun and interesting manner.”