Open Bronze Expeditions

Our Bronze expedition Training and Qualifying expeditions are open to ALL Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Bronze level participants from any DofE group and organisation.

Why choose CTS for your expedition?

    • We are one of the leading providers of DofE expeditions in the UK.
    • We have over 40 years’ experience of organising and running high quality, affordable DofE expeditions at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels, both in the UK and overseas, successfully supporting tens of 1000’s of young people through their expedition training, practice and qualifying expeditions.
    • We have an outstanding reputation for safety, ‘best practice’ and keeping within the values, ethos and spirit of the DofE, with no compromises!
    • All our instructors are handpicked, not just because of the qualifications they hold, but also because of their knowledge of, and safe practice within the DofE Expedition section and the wider DofE programme; their enthusiasm and motivation; their commitment to ‘best practice’; and their ability to empower, inspire, encourage and engage with young people at all levels.
    • We are able to offer memorable, challenging and beneficial experiences, which are open to all DofE participants from any background, DofE group and organisation.
    • As a leading provider of DofE expeditions in the UK, we have an excellent reputation amongst DofE Licenced Organisations, National Operating Authorities, Directly Licenced Centres, independent schools, local councils and organisations, for delivering the Expedition section to the highest standards and who regularly use us as their ‘preferred provider’ as well as recommending and booking participants onto our popular ‘open’ expeditions.
    • You will have FUN 😊

“Dear Dave. I must ‘Thank You’ and your team so much for getting Holly and the girls through. Holly came back really happy and pleased with herself. She looked more confident and had good self-esteem compared to the first time they had tried. Holly and the others also enjoyed the whole experience in which you all helped so much to make it good for them. I feel that she will go on now to do Silver and fingers crossed Gold. Thank you again for taking care of them. I felt confident it would be good.”


At BRONZE LEVEL you will need to complete training, followed by a 2-day, 1 night Qualifying expedition. There is no longer a requirement for a practice expedition, as long as the training is sufficient and the young person feels confident in the outdoors.  

 If you complete training with a school or other organisation, we will need acknowledgment/evidence that this has been completed. The training MUST have included a training navigation day.

Open Bronze



11th – 12th APRIL (Surrey Hills)

30th – 31st MAY (Shropshire)

1st – 2nd AUGUST (Shropshire)


11th – 14th APRIL   (Surrey Hills)

30th MAY – 2rd JUNE (Shropshire)

1st – 4th AUGUST (Shropshire)


12th – 14th APRIL (Surrey Hills)

31st May – 2nd JUNE (Shropshire)

2nd – 4th AUGUST (Shropshire)

Participants are required to complete the compulsory expedition training at Bronze level, to be signed off as competent to safely undertake their qualifying expedition. This includes the topics outlined in the Expedition Training Framework.

Download the Bronze Expedition Training Framework

We deliver a comprehensive training programme for the Bronze Expedition section that ensures each participant has the required skills, knowledge and attitude, to complete their practice and qualifying expeditions in a safe and enjoyable manner, which also helps to promote a positive experience whilst undertaking this aspect of their Bronze DofE programme. We do not compromise safety, or the importance of the training topics that are required to be completed as part of the Expedition section, hence the longer training period than that delivered by some other providers. These are indicated in the Bronze Expedition Training Framework, DofE Expedition Guide and The Handbook for DofE Leaders and is in keeping with the values, ethos and spirit of the DofE. The Expedition Training Framework states ‘The training plan for a DofE team should be a progressive process with skills being acquired on training sessions and then practised in the outdoor environment until participants are capable of carrying out the skills without support or adult intervention.’ This cannot be effectively achieved in one day!

The training is run by a team of qualified and experienced instructors, all of whom have sound knowledge of DofE expeditions and includes the opportunity for participants to undertake the entire Expedition Training Framework at Bronze level, with emphasis on navigation techniques, that enables participants to develop greater confidence at navigating, as well as the other aspects required to successfully complete a qualifying expedition. Training is a combination of classroom and outdoor based learning.

“Dear Dave. I just wanted to say thank you for the DofE Bronze expedition that Annabelle and Sophie recently attended. They were both very impressed with how things were organised and feel now that they have definitely earned their ‘pass’, not just due to the very cold weather conditions they endured but because everything was very much by the book. They also enjoyed making new friendships. They have both said that they would like to return in a year or two to complete their DofE Gold with you, rather than with the local DofE provider, which is high praise indeed, placing the quality of your course over their loyalty to school and friends. Thank you.”

Qualifying Expedition
Our qualifying expeditions are open to individuals or any number of participants from a DofE group and you do not have to have completed the Bronze expedition training with us! They also offer participants who are unable to form a team within their DofE centre, the opportunity to complete the Expedition section. The expeditions are run by a team of experienced and qualified supervisors, all of whom have sound knowledge of the DofE. Route planning and pre-expedition checks will take place indoors, the day before the start of your expedition.

“I feel this email is a little overdue to thank you so sincerely for helping Milo to complete his practice. He had the most wonderful time! It was unexpected that he would get so very much out of the experience, but he arrived home with only positive feedback. He loved the training, he loved his team, and we thought how wonderful that young people from different areas and backgrounds could bond so fantastically and enjoy each other’s company. He also felt a brilliant sense of achievement which for us, his parents, was something to see, especially after the negativity of ‘failing’ his school practice.”


TRAINING ONLY: The cost of the training is £95.00 (inclusive of VAT) per participant. Your payment covers all aspects of the training programme.. 1 navigation day walking with an instructor, followed by 1 day training at base camp.

COMBINED TRAINING AND QUALIFYING EXPEDITION (4 DAYS): The cost of the combined expedition training and a full 2-day, 1-night Qualifying expedition programme is £195.00 (inclusive of VAT) per participant. 2 days of training, followed by the expedition. Your payment covers the cost of administration, food whilst at base camp, safety supervision, and campsite fees. As a team, you must bring your own food with you for the duration of the expedition and organise your own transport to the venue.

EXPEDITION ONLY (3 DAYS) : The cost of a 2-day Qualifying expedition programme is £135.00 (inclusive of VAT) per participant. Your payment covers the cost of administration, food whilst at base camp, safety supervision, and campsite fees. As a team, you must bring your own food with you for the duration of the expedition and organise your own transport to the venue.


“Hi Dave. I wanted to say thank you to you and the team, Geoff, Ben, Gaz, and Jason. Josh had an amazing learning experience. Josh said he had a lot of fun and he also made some really good friends. I would recommend you to anyone looking to complete their expeditions. Thank you for making it such a good wonderful experience for him and I am so very grateful. I would also like to book him for his qualifying expedition.”

Other Details
We contact all participants approximately two weeks prior to the expedition they have registered upon. You will receive an email containing all details needed for the expedition.

Download the ‘open’ expedition Equipment List.

Certain items of expedition equipment can be hired from us. Please see the Equipment Hire List further information and cost.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our DofE Expedition opportunities.

Testimonials from our DofE Expeditions


Before applying, please download and read our Terms and Conditions: Open Bronze Terms and Conditions

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