St Augustine’s Priory DofE

We’re looking forward to supporting 15 students from St Augustine’s Priory (Ealing) as they undertake their Silver @DofE expedition training this weekend. Our enthusiastic staff team are fully prepared & eager to impart lots of skills and knowledge 😊 


Having spent a couple of days in London, visiting various schools and planning DofE expeditions for 2020, we are now in Tamworth, again at another school, to discuss the delivery of the DofE Expedition section to their students. It’s a busy life 😊

London Borough of Ealing DofE

It’s been a busy but fruitful 2 days in London, planning DofE Expedition section delivery for schools in the Ealing area during 2020 and even dates for 2021 😊 It’s early evening and we’ve just finished Bronze qualifying expedition route planning for The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School 😊😊


We’re in London Borough of Ealing for the next 2 days meeting with a number of schools to finalise DofE expeditions for 2020, including 2 new schools wishing to use us for delivering the Expedition section to their students 😊

Queenswood School DofE

Congratulations to the students from Queenswood School (Hatfield) who successfully completed their Bronze DofE qualifying expedition this weekend. Fantastic weather, enthusiastic Expedition Teams and a great achievement. Well done 😊


Today we’ve been to Park Hall Academy (Water Orton) to discuss support for their students undertaking the Bronze DofE Expedition section, then to Alderbrook School (Solihull) to plan our support for their students’ Gold DofE expeditions for 2020 😊