DofE Expeditions

After a successful month of August, which has seen us running our ‘open’ DofE expeditions, supporting and engaging with young people from across the UK, and experiencing some challenging weather along the way, we are now looking forward to a busy September, particularly with the support we offer schools with their DofE expedition delivery. We also have other ‘open’ expeditions arranged for September and October.
Congratulations to all of the young people that have taken part in our ‘open’ expeditions during August, at whatever level of the DofE. They all did extremely well in successfully completing their planned practice or qualifying expeditions in Dartmoor National Park or Worcestershire and our staff team were very impressed with their endeavours and the commitment they all showed. All met and overcame personal challenges enabling them to successfully complete their expedition, and they are to be congratulated for this and for the determination to succeed that was shown throughout  :)
We have also been chosen by our insurers, Activities Industrial Mutual (AIM), to be September’s ‘Member Profile’  :D