Open DofE Expeditions for August

We have been busy developing various COVID-19 procedures and risk assessments to ensure the safety and welfare of those young people and staff who will be participating on our ‘open’ DofE expeditions during August. These are subject to change, if required by government guidance, ensuring we are compliant with the COVID-19 legislation at the times of the expeditions. We’ve also purchased additional tents, stoves and other resources to enable the expeditions to take place within the current climate.

As usual, we look at ‘best practice’ and giving that ‘extra’ when delivering our DofE expeditions to ensure that young people derive the greatest benefits from participating in an expedition, meeting the values, spirit and ethos of the DofE. Although COVID-19 has challenged us, we believe that we have developed opportunities at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels that will meet these, without compromising safety or the overall DofE expedition experience. We hope the 100+ participants, who have registered to take part in our ‘open’ expeditions during August will agree, as well as their parents, and DofE Leaders from various schools. Licensed Organisations and National Operating Authorities who have been referring their participants to us allowing their students or members to complete their Expedition section👍

We have just a few spaces available for our ‘open’ expeditions during August. Click on the appropriate level of DofE Expeditions in the dropdown menu if you are interested in taking part :D