Open DofE Expedition Training

Tomorrow, and the following 2 days, we are supporting a number of DofE participants from across the UK, who are undertaking their expedition training at either Bronze, Silver, or Gold levels on our ‘Open DofE Expedition Training’.  This is taking place in the Long Mynd area of Shropshire, based at the Longmynd Adventure Camp 😊

Abbey Hill School DofE

Fantastic result with all the additional needs students from Abbey Hill School (Stoke-on-Trent) who have successfully completed their Bronze or Silver DofE practice expedition in the White Peak over the past few days. You did yourselves, and the school, proud.  We’re looking forward to supporting you on your qualifying expeditions  😀

Abbey Hill School DofE

We’re supervising additional needs students from Abbey Hill School (Stoke-on-Trent) who undertake either their Bronze or Silver DofE practice expeditions over the next few days in the White Peak area. Good luck and enjoy 😀


A busy DofE weekend as we supervise & assess Bronze & Silver expeditions for Wolgarston High School (Penkridge) in the White Peak; Bournville School in the Worcestershire area; Queenswood School (Hatfield) in the Hertfordshire; area; & Dormers Wells High School (Ealing) in the Surrey Hills area 🙂

Dormers Wells High School DofE

From the gardens of Buckingham Palace for the DofE Gold Award Presentations, to the Surrey Hills, where we’re now  supporting the students from Dormers Wells High School who we are supervising whilst on their Silver DofE practice expedition over the next 3 days 😊


We have received confirmation that another school wishes to use us as their DofE AAP for delivering the Expedition section to their students. This school in in the Leicestershire area 😊

Newcastle-under-Lyme College DofE

A fantastic achievement by the additional needs students from Newcastle-under-Lyme College who successfully completed their Bronze DofE practice expedition last week. Well done to you all, as you each were a credit to the college and yourselves  😊